Blaine Green Discusses Splitting with Twin, Returning from Injury

STILLWATER — Blaine Green has his own car.

That was a byproduct of Bryson Green, Blaine’s twin brother, transferring to Wisconsin this offseason. The two used to share a car, but after Bryson moved up to Madison, he got his own. Older by a few minutes, Blaine decided to stay in Stillwater despite his twin entering the transfer portal.

“He had his decision; I had mine,” Blaine said Monday. “I feel like this is the best for me to stay and have another chance this season. I have three years left of football where he’s only got two. So, I feel like we got a good chance with this team, and I’m just keeping my focus on the present.”

Blaine had a solid freshman season in 2021. He transitioned from a wide receiver to being used as a tight end toward the end of the year, finishing his freshman campaign with 21 catches for 314 yards and a touchdown — of which 185 of those yards and the touchdown came in OSU’s final five games of the regular season.

He was set to make a full-time jump to tight end in 2022, but he injured his wrist in fall camp and missed the entire season.

Blaine enters 2023 as a 6-foot-1, 220-pound redshirt sophomore, and he is back to being listed as a wide receiver on the Cowboys’ roster.

“I’m not a big watcher,” Blaine said. “Watching people play rather than playing, it definitely puts a hole in my heart, but definitely being off the field, it makes you realize how much you miss the game of football. So every day I’m not taking for granted. I’m just going out here and trying to put my little work in and just get better.”

While Blaine was going through his rehab process and watching from the sidelines last season, he said he leaned on Bryson to get through it. Meanwhile, Bryson was having a solid year, catching 36 passes for 584 yards and five touchdowns.

The twins came to Oklahoma State out of Allen, Texas. Blaine had the better high school stats with a combined 1,985 receiving yards and 22 touchdowns as a junior and senior to Bryson’s 1,243 yards and 13 touchdowns. However, Bryson was slightly ahead of Blaine in the recruiting rankings — Bryson was the No. 432 recruit in the 2021 class while Blaine was No. 441.

Blaine said the two still speak every day, whether that be on FaceTime or playing video games.

It’s always an interesting deal, twins splitting up. The OSU basketball team went through it this past season with Kalib and Keylan Boone. Blaine and Bryson were bound to be apart eventually, but the transfer portal expedited things.

“I feel like it’s in his best interest [to go to Wisconsin] and it’s in my best interest to stay here,” Blaine said. “You gotta let things go that you love. I’m going to watch him from a distance. I’m gonna be his biggest fan. You might see me in a Wisconsin jersey every now and then. But other than that, I’m praying for his best interest and he’s praying for mine.”