Daily Bullets (Aug. 2): Your Daily Realignment Update, Mike Boynton Hypes His Point Guard

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OSU Bullets

• Pac-12 members were presented with a heavy streaming deal yesterday – so many rumors but it’s safe to assume the deal wasn’t appetizing for members or something would have been shared (Wildcat Authority and HCS)

• One of the wilder things you’ll see – Iowa State’s current starting quarterback put money on the football game between OSU and Iowa State in 2021 (Des Moines Register)

Mike Boynton promoted a couple of assistant coaches and gave one the associate head coach title (PFB)

• What an incredible quote here from Mike Boynton about incoming point guard Javon Small:

Coach Boynton on the radio with RA this morning said Javon Small is the “most impactful player I’ve brought into this program since Cade”.


Ranking expansion candidates for the Big 12 (HCS)

• Divisions won’t (likely) be a part of the new Big 12 but if the league added Arizona these would make a lot of sense:

Non-OSU Bullets

• More scrolling, more marital problems
• Living to die well (faith-based)