Daily Bullets (Aug. 8): Bowman is Gelling with Receivers, Big 12 (Tentatively) Done Adding for Now

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OSU Bullets

• It’s fall camp time in Stillwater – while so much rests on the evolution of the OSU offensive line, it sounds like the new quarterback is gelling well with his receivers:

(Alan Bowman’s) connection with (Brennan) Presley was evident. There was a play where Bowman threw the ball about 35 yards down the field and Presley wasn’t even looking for the ball. He turned around almost at the exact time the ball fell in his hands. Really impressive stuff. Those two, Washington State transfer De’Zhaun Stribling and redshirt sophomore Jaden Bray all looked really good

[GoPokes 247]

• It appears for the time being that the Big 12 is “done” adding teams for now (HCS)

• The Big Ten (and ACC and SEC) are using the “flex protect plus” scheduling model – love this application of the idea for the Big 12 (ESPN + Twitter)

• How this “weird Spencer Sanders situation could work out for all parties” (Saturday Down South)

• Much ado has been made about how soft OSU’s schedule is – only two teams ranked on the schedule going into the season:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Impressive move – this farmer planted 80 acres of sunflowers to surprise his wife for their 50th anniversary (writing this down)
• Taylor Swift gave her truckers on tour $100k bonuses – love it when
• Godliness of a good night’s sleep (faith-based)

A 17- and 19-year-old built a roller coaster in their backyard: