Daily Bullets (Dec. 22): Minimal Surpises for OSU on Early Signing Day

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OSU Bullets

Signing Day Recap:
Five Thoughts from the early Signing Day – and the one surprise addition to it
Here’s the post that was live updated as signees came in
What Mike Gundy had to say at his press conference about the class

• Of all the incoming players, Texas State lineman Dalton Cooper has to be the most exciting given the line’s struggles this fall. PFF has him listed as the No. 5 best lineman in the portal – “…he should be one of the best offensive linemen in the nation”.

Cooper was a road grader last season. His 90.1 run-blocking grade in 2021 was a top-10 mark among all offensive tackles in the country.

This year, the redshirt sophomore became an elite pass protector. His 85.1 pass-blocking grade was a top-10 figure among FBS tackles. If Cooper can put it all together next season at Oklahoma State, he should be one of the best offensive linemen in the nation.


• Not OSU-specfic but national college football writer speculating ($$$) that the Big 12 will be an intriguing watch year-to-year because not one team will outright dominate

One of the greatest what-ifs in Oklahoma State Football history: if the No. 4 quarterback recruit in the nation had found his way to campus instead of an historic pro baseball career.

Non-OSU Bullets

Stovetop popcorn process for the win, buddy made it last weekend and it’s next level
• Can completely empathize – Bingo is an incredible dad
Guilty pleasure of mine – David Baldacci wrote a book that was turned into a Hallmark movie and I like it (the book)

It was her calling the cops on Santa on Christmas Eve that did me in – I’m here for all the Neal jokes too.