Daily Bullets (Dec. 31): New Years’ Eve in Lawrence

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Three Thoughts

Cowboy and Cowgirl Basketball take on Kansas todayPokes in Lawrence is always worth watching

Big wrestling tournament starting tomorrow – Seth Duckworth pointed out this is an opportunity for OSU to size up against some Big 12 frontrunners

• If you want to be optimistic about Cowboy Football, here’s something to chew on:

“All of these guys that had or got playing experience this year, they’re going to be so much better their second time around,” defensive coordinator Derek Mason said. “When guys grow up, they become better football players.”


Two Quotes

• Malcolm Rodriguez seems like he’s doing alright in Detroit:

• More offers like this, please. Need two or three more defensive tackles into Stillwater.

One Question

• If you could add a five-star, can’t miss recruit to any position group to play football for OSU what would it be?

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Non-OSU Bullets

• See things differently to do things differently
• Solid John Piper message on “beating a path to the Word” (faith-based)

Great New Years vibes off this tweet:

Here’s a solid explanation of Southwest Airlines’ massive cancellations:

Details behind the logistical collapse have emerged in recent days. While most airlines operate off a hub-and-spoke model, where most aircraft and crew are based out of a few major hubs, Southwest operates on a point-to-point model, where flights can travel from city to city without needing to stop at a central hub. The storm created a snowball effect of cancellations that overwhelmed Southwest’s outdated internal scheduling system and resulted in planes and crew being stranded throughout the country while the airline attempted to manually reset operations.

Exacerbating issues, Southwest lacks agreements allowing passengers to rebook with other airlines during emergencies. The airline now faces an investigation from the Department of Transportation.