Daily Bullets (Jan. 1): Cowboys Came *This* Close in Lawrence, Big 12 Ultimately Wins on NYE

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Hoops: Jayhawks 69, Cowboys 67
Hoops: Jayhawks 80, Cowgirls 65

OSU/Big 12 Bullets

• The Cowboys were this close in Lawrence. Be sure to check out Marshall’s Five Thoughts on the close loss. [PFB]

• Ugh.

OSU extended offers to a couple of offers to big guys in the portal on Friday, one was a three-year starter at left tackle. [PFB]

• The Big 12 folks got a little too excited on Twitter too early in the Sugar Bowl.

K-State looked good running off to a 10-0 lead over Bama, then…

• On the other hand, the Horned Frogs took care of business, dunking on the Flying Jim Harbaughs. And they might have stolen a fan (at least for the postseason, hopefully.)

Non-OSU Bullets

• New Year’s Resolutions that actually help you. [Psychology Today]

• Your company’s goal-setting approach needs to change. [Inc]

• How quickly social media’s negatively affects your mental health. [Inverse]