Daily Bullets (July 13): Pokes Going Pro, Placing Sanders Among His Peers

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OSU Bullets

Build your $15 lineup from these Pokes
– to create value for you, I’ll tell you who the least picked from each row will be: Thurman, Terry Miller, Spud, Chuba (if you don’t go No. 21, you’re doing it wrong), and Josh Stewart.

• The best of the OSU Cowboy Baseball team went in the fourth-round yesterday to the Twins

PFF has Spencer Sanders as the 7th best QB in the Big 12 – which seems about right.

K-State’s Skylar Thompson will finish below him because he won’t finish a season and Tech’s QB (an Oregon transfer) slotted behind him could have a more prolific season

• Cowgirl Soccer released their schedule

• Kyle Porter had a thoughtful take on Viktor Hovland going into the British Open – and he has him projected for a top-ten finish:

If there’s something to dislike about Hovland, I have yet to discover it. His tee-to-green game is only outpaced by his consistent geniality. Though he’s not someone whose world is upended by much at all, but I have to think an Open at age 23 right before his first Ryder Cup would do it. Odds: 40-1

[CBS Sports]

• Cowboy target Jalen Marshall announcing his decision at 1pm today:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Please, stop making everything into a stock
• Dusting when the light is dim (faith-based)
• Italian villages will pay you $30k to live there

Why does time pass so quickly as we age? Routine. When you’re young, new experiences make indents in your memory, leaving you with the perception of lengthened time. But when you do the same thing over and over again, your brain consolidates the repeated action into one memory, making it seem like time has contracted.


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