Daily Bullets (July 17): Most Viewed of the Week, That Exciting Statement Mike Gundy Made (About Spencer Sanders)

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Three Thoughts

• Let’s not bury the lede – this is the most important statement to me about Cowboy Football in 2021:

At Thursday’s Big 12 Media Day, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said Sanders improved more in the two months of spring ball this year than he did in all of his first two seasons as the Cowboys’ starter.


What will influence OSU’s football season moreSpencer Sanders’ development or the offensive lines’? Caleb Etienne sounds like a hoss.

I’ll cheat on this one – if OSU’s line develops and gives Sanders’ more time, the turnovers fall. My answer is the offensive line.

• Buried in this piece is a comment on OSU’s key to finding superstars in football – finding talent early, locking it up, and developing it.

Two Quotes

• Loved this quote from Mike Gundy at Media Days – regardless of the circumstances, seems like a place to be for helpful discourse:

”I think it’s all of us having the ability, and I include myself, to listen and be patient and think things through. Usually I wanted to make a decision now, we move this direction, this is what we do, that’s the way it is.”

[Yahoo Sports]

• Spencer Sanders points to consistency in coaching as a big reason for his (speculated) improvement from last year:

“I’ve came a long way with Coach Rattay over this offseason,” Sanders said. “I’m a firm believer in that, too. He’s helped me progress phenomenally. I’m excited for the season.”


One Question

• If you had to bet your house on one of two conclusions this football season – which would you choose: OSU goes 7-2 in conference play or 5-4?

Here’s the schedule.

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Penn State wrestler transfers to OSU

• No. 2 Moussa Cisse announcement coming (came) on Thursday

• No. 3 …and Cisse committed to the Pokes

• No. 4 OSU showed interest in Cisse

• No. 5 MaxPreps has Braylin Presley as a top-five back in CFB

Non-OSU Bullets

• Keller on social media and the church is great (faith-based)
• Pretty wild map of feudal Europe in the 1400s
• A defense of working “in the office”

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