Daily Bullets (July 21): OSU’s Big 12 Schedule Details Announced, Gundy’s Pokes a Tough Draw Week-to-Week

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OSU Bullets

Cowboy Basketball released some big schedule details yesterday – who the Pokes will be playing at home, on the road, and both in conference play (PFB)

• Neat update here – an OSU alum is bringing home two medals from the World Para Athletics Championships in France this summer (USAPARATF)

• PFB tiered out contenders in Big 12 football this fall and made this appropriate comment about the Cowboys:

This might not be the greatest year in OSU football history, but I expect the Pokes to put up a fight every weekend, which should be a lot of fun to follow.


• HCS ranked running back groups in the Big 12, putting the Pokes at No. 8 but pointing to the upside for OSU’s group:

Folks in Stillwater are convinced that Ollie Gordon could be the next great running back at Oklahoma State, and if he is, the Pokes could easily move up this list.


Cade Cunningham is back from injury and ready to play (Twitter)

• Terrific realignment question here:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Perhaps its time for “plan a”
Think little (faith-based)

“Being good at what you do is partially about competence, but not exclusively.

Two other things that matter:

Reliability. You do what you say you’re going to do—on time and as expected.

Enthusiasm. You’re excited to be here and eager to work on this problem.

Skills matter, but in many cases it’s your reliability or attitude that separates you from the pack.”

James Clear