Daily Bullets (July 22)

Reason to Believe

College football guru Phil Steele thinks the Pokes are one of thirteen teams in line to crash the CFB Playoff – offering solid explanations for previous concerns.

The offensive line was a trouble spot two years ago but now looks like a strength. The defense is not a top-25 unit but the linebackers have speed, and the Cowboys’ top six cornerbacks are all 6-0 or taller. While they have six road games this year, they do not have any road games against teams that figure to be in the preseason AP Top 25. [ESPN Insider $]

Loved his explanations about the back two layers of the defense: speed is in place in the outside linebacker spots and taller, rangier corners are in place.

Cool Customer

Mike Gundy walked around Big 12 media days like he owned the place – and that definitely means something.

Do you think if (Gundy) was losing sleep about his offensive line, a serious question mark the last few season, he’d be all smiles? Does a man seriously worried about his wet behind the ears cornerbacks in a pass heavy league discuss in depth the marketing value of his unconventional hairstyle? If he had any inkling that maybe his team was reading about how good they were supposed to be and losing focus he’d let his goofy but lovable punter hand out campaign pamphlets, launch a website, and wear a shirt with his own face on it?

Of course not, and that’s why it’s bad news for the rest of the Big 12 next season. [Heartland College Sports]

Pokes bout’ to run through the Big 12 like:

OSU and NCAA Notes

Solid piece talking about why OSU will be good this year….Refs are trying to keep college football games great reasonably long….USA Today thinks Rudolph is the top offensive NFL prospect in the Big 12….Why DQ Osborne is the next stud defensive lineman

The ultimate measuring competition – Pokes haven’t really gotten into this game that much.

Can’t wait for this production to see the light of day.

Would love to have him in the Big 12 but this would be so much fun.

Gundy has to be one of collegiate football’s most interesting characters: a godsend for summer programming.

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