Daily Bullets (July 28): Colorado is Coming, OSU’s Most Anticipated Games this Fall

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What’s next for the Big 12 with Colorado joining the conference? (PFB)
Big 12 is reportedly after one to three more schools with Colorado (PFB)
Four thoughts on Colorado’s move back (PFB)

• The most anticipated games on OSU’s schedule this fall (247 Sports)

• The NBA player that received the largest contract in NBA history (Jaylen Brown) talked about how impactful Marcus Smart was on the Boston Celtics:

“…I learned so much from Marcus. Marcus is somebody that’s like — we butted heads sometimes, we fought, we did it all, put each other in head locks, et cetera. 

“The journey won’t feel the same without him, to be honest. But it’s a part of life, it’s a part of what you do going forward. Everything he’s instilled into this organization, everything he’s instilled into this community is still gonna be with us.”

[CBS Sports]

• Missed this earlier in the week – OSU is headed to Arlington for a baseball game in February (Twitter)

OSU’s in a good spot nowadays:

Non-OSU Bullets

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• Interesting piece looking at details around “nonverts” (faith-based)