Daily Bullets (July 30): Cade Goes No. 1, Red River Rivals Accepted in SEC

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OSU Bullets

• Oklahoma State player Cade Cunningham went No. 1 overall in the NBA Draft
– Cade hopes to “restore” the franchise
– Cowboy fans react to the news

SEC voted unanimously to extend invitations to OU and Texas – Gundy says tv will have a “big, big” say in future of college football

• Allotting out the pieces of the Big 12 – there are (relatively) natural fits for all but two teams in the remaining eight:

That leaves two schools left with Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Kansas State is still an unknown to me but I will say this, any schools would be lucky to have a program like Oklahoma State in their conference.


And that’s where it’s hard not to land on the Pokes: most desirable of the eight but most tough to find a “they belong here” type-of-fit.

Mulling over the idea of pods in 16 team conferences and more

This was a fun roundtable to read chewing on what the best fit for the Pokes is

• Pretty cool scene here at Eskimo Joe’s as the Cowboy faithful cheered on Cade Cunningham last night:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Some legitimate, unconventional ideas on goal-setting
• Correct opinion: SGA is too good to give up on at this point
Love in the age of skepticism (faith-based)

When the wife brings home Oreos with the groceries:

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