Daily Bullets (July 31): Boynton Continues to Recruit Well in Oklahoma

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Three Thoughts

• Mike Boynton continues to play well with native Oklahomans. Four-star guard Kaden Cooper (of Ada) just included the Pokes in his Top 10. [PFB]

OSU’s lone 2023 commit is Del City’s Brandon Garrison.

• George has taken on the challenge of posting an OSU highlight daily until football starts. Saturday he posted one of my favorite plays ever.

• You could potentially own the piece of turf Collin Oliver crawled across to win Bedlam. But it’ll cost ya. [PFB]

Two Quotes

• Pac-12 commish George Kliavkoff continues to throw heaters from the West Coast. Here he is on the Big 12’s attempts to poach some of his schools:

“Doesn’t it feel a little bit like a juvenile kind of attempt to disrupt our conference?… At some point you have to realize no Pac-12 school is joining the Big 12 and you have to focus on making your league successful.”


• With the following clip I was reminded of a memorable hit by Brodrick Brown. I was also reminded that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

“Nah, that’s not helmet-to-helmet.”

“Well, that looks helmet-to-helmet to me.”
“Yeah… I like it.”

One Question

• Who you got?

Non-OSU Bullets

• It takes more than just trying, but being more present in our daily lives is attainable. [Raptitude]

• Happiness is a mindset that you can cultivate. How to get there, according to science. [Fast Company]

• Let me apologize: