Daily Bullets (July 4): Cowboy Commitment Watch, Happy 4th of July from PFB

Happy 4th of July! Congrats to those living in the US of A.

OSU Bullets

• A little 4th of July theatrics – a safety from Houston will make his decision today and has OSU in his top-six (PFB)

• Love thinking about who OSU’s new rival isterrific piece by Marshall Scott here looking at OSU’s top three candidates (PFB)

• Another benefit of Rickie Fowler’s win Sunday in Detroit – he could have played his way into the Ryder Cup:

I don’t make the rules and I don’t make the picks, but it would now be absolutely shocking if Fowler is not on the Ryder Cup team in September. 

[CBS Sports]

Bill Haisten talked about how OU and Arkansas could develop a rivalry – it feels like this would make so much more sense for OSU and Arkansas (TulsaWorld)

• I’m not sure who Kelley Ford is or how credible his rankings are but 74% odds that OSU will win six or fewer games this year isn’t brilliant – looping in K-State (number three) to OSU (number eight) in his rankings is:

Non-OSU Bullets

40 rules for a good life
• There’s something fun about these four schools being excited about joining the Big 12 (NewsOK)

Top five US war movies (in my opinion):

  1. Saving Private Ryan
  2. Thin Red Line
  3. The Patriot
  4. The Great Escape
  5. Apocalypse Now