Daily Bullets (July 5): OSU Still Poised to Lead in New Big 12, Why Rickie is a Fan Favorite

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OSU Bullets

• The Pokes landed a commitment from a DFW linebacker yesterday (PFB)

• With 12 words in victory, Rickie Fowler may have shown why he’s so loved (Golf.com)

OSU is (still) poised to hold a lead role in the new Big 12 on at least one ground – consistently winning football games.

Once the Sooners and Longhorns leave, no Big 12 school will wield the kind of power they did.

OSU, though, is as close as any.

Let’s start with the football component, which we know to be paramount. OSU football has enjoyed as much prolonged success as any school that will remain in the Big 12 a year from today.


• Nephew of Cowboy Baseball head coach Josh Holliday, and an OSU commit, continues to be the No. 1 baseball recruit in the class of 2025 (Baseball America)

• General college football Tweet here but an excellent commentary on the San Diego State situation below:

Non-OSU Bullets

• The science of fireworks
• Here’s an Independence Day quiz to test your trivia knowledge

What a terrific idea for a family tradition – what would Captain America leave for kids?