Daily Bullets (June 20): OSU Adds Another Star Softball Transfer

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Three Thoughts

• Pistol Pete threw his Stetson in the ring for a fast-rising 2023 prospect.

• Kenny Gajewski might be as good as any coach in Stillwater at working the transfer portal.

• Former OSU wrestler Nick Piccininni moved to 1-0 in his MMA career, and did so in dominant fashion.

Two Quotes

• Mike Boynton on Cade going No. 1, what he sees as a foregone conclusion.

“This really isn’t a debate,” Boynton said. “He’s the best player and he can do anything you need him to. He’s clearly the best guy and he can play on the ball, off the ball, he can post up and he can shoot the 3. Like, come on …”

Boynton paused and laughed.

“The team at No. 2 has a problem. They gotta figure this thing out.” [The Oklahoman]

• Mike Holder on the proposed 12-team college football playoff.

“I was skeptical,” Holder said. “But as I learned more about it, I’m really a big fan of it. Huge step in the right direction for college football and student-athletes and just college athletics in general.” [The Oklahoman]

One Question

• What do you think about the CFP expansion? (Marshall Scott did a great job of breaking down what that would have meant for OSU in past years.)

Non-OSU Bullets

• You’ve heard of UFOs (or UAPs as they apparently prefer to be called), but now the U.S. government is acknowledging their existence and is going to make some of its finding public very soon. An official report is expected later this month.

The report is expected to say that there’s no evidence the UAP seen by military personnel are secret advanced American technology or alien spacecraft, but a possible alien explanation can’t be definitively ruled out. [CNET]

• A look at several fascinating facts about Juneteenth. [Mental Floss]

• That Sam Presti guy sure knows how to win a trade. [The Oklahoman]

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