Daily Bullets (June 22): 2011 Team Makes a Top-Ten, Baylor/OSU Battling for a Linebacker

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

CBS has the Cowboys’ 2011 squad as one of the top ten teams to not win a national championship since 2010 (CBS Sports)

Athlon Sports has the Pokes finishing eighth in the Big 12, pretty bearish on the Pokes outside of the light schedule (GoPokes)

OSU and Baylor are duking it out for this Utah linebacker – he’s coming to OSU this weekend then likely choosing next week (247 Sports)

• 247 has the Pokes rematching the 2018 Liberty Bowl against Mizzou (247 Sports)

• Sad deal with the passing of Coach Iba’s last starting center (OKState.com)

Non-OSU Bullets

• When work didn’t follow you home
• Enjoyed checking out these rustic homes in Wyoming
• How will the Spurs build around Wembanyama?

My OKC Thunder draft prediction for tonight – Kobe Bufkin at No. 12. Would love to see OKC trade up to 9/10 to grab Jarace Walker or Taylor Hendricks if they fall though.