Daily Bullets (Mar. 28): The Mikes Talked

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OSU Bullets

Mike Boynton did a post-season presser talking about the offseason – he knows what he’s got to do.

“Our fans want to see the program have success in the tournament,” Boynton said. “My job is to put a team together that our fans want to support. That’s really what my focus is.”


The five transfers that have a good chance of starting next year for Cowboy Football (TulsaWorld)

Mike Gundy talked with the media yesterday – this nugget from Bill Haisten pulled back the curtain on the Mullet a bit:

On more than one occasion over the years, Gundy told me that he likes to feel cornered — challenged by circumstances.

It was fun when his teams had the Big 12’s best offensive line or best running backs or best quarterback or, as was the case in 2021, the league’s best defense. Gundy also enjoys squeezing success from a seemingly flawed situation. He loves to prove people wrong.


SEC talking head “expects” Spencer Sanders to start for the Ole Miss Rebels this fall (HCS)

• Big time move for the Cowgirls passing the Sooners in RPI – nice roster addition yesterday adding this gal from McNeese State

Non-OSU Bullets

• Looking forward to this movie set in Oklahoma coming out in the fall
The Father’s Way – when good parents say yes and no (faith-based)