Daily Bullets (Mar. 31): Selling the Pokes, Lindy Goes for 25

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Softball: Cowgirls 10, Tulsa 0

OSU Bullets

• The top-five quarterback recruits of the Gundy era – Bobby’s not included (PFB)

• A couple of places have the Pokes as a team to “sell” your stock in them (ESPN and 247) – outside of the obvious (losing Jim Knowles and a slew of talented defenders) this seems to be one of the bigger reasons why:

… matching one of the best campaigns in program history feels like an impossibility given some of the breaks last season (beating Missouri State, Tulsa and Boise State by an average of 4.3 PPG) and that’s where many preseason prognosticators have the Cowboys this spring among the 10- or 15-best teams in college football.

[247 Sports]

Lindy Waters scored 25 last night for the Thunder against his old high school teammate Trae Young -Lindsanity (ESPN)

• A surprise 2022 five-star basketball player has the Pokes in his top-ten (PFB)

Checking out the wide receiver depth of this next Cowboy Football team (PFB)

• New Cowgirl head coach Jacie Hoyt added a national champion from Baylor to her coaching staff

• Cowboy golfer Eugenio Chacarra has climbed to No. 1 in the world amateur rankings:

Non-OSU Bullets

• David Brooks on lasting friendships is terrific (NYT)
• Some kindness stings (faith-based)

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