Daily Bullets (Nov. 18): We’ll Cross Houston’s Goal and Then We’ll Sing ‘Oklahoma State’

Beat the Cougars. 


MBB: Notre Dame 66, Cowboys 64
Equestrian: South Carolina 12, Cowgirls 8

Four Thoughts

• This is what makes college football must-watch television – you never know what you’ll get.

I describe the Houston game as “funky” because you never know which Cougar team might show up. The same could be written about the Cowboys.

TV info, betting lines, and more for today’s game – OSU by seven feels like a good line. The PFB squad predicted along those lines as well (PFB)

• Seeing how certain Cowboys that left in the portal are faring, overall the Cowboys seem to of come out ahead (SelloutCrowd)

• Marshall summarized the Cowboys’ early-season struggles well in his five thoughts article after the Notre Dame loss: lots of Cowboys are out and the ones playing are missing too many free throws (PFB)

Two Quotes

• Solid quote here from Bryan Nardo on the ascent of Cowboy linebacker Nick Martin:

“Nick Martin was still up here wanting to learn,” Nardo said. “Nick Martin was wanting to come watch film over the summer and ask questions. What you’re seeing now is a byproduct.”

• Not a bad summary of this Cowboy Basketball team: 

One Question

• Oklahoma State bounced back once. Can the program do it again?

Non-OSU Bullets

• Enjoyed the section on Chet Holmgren in this NBA rookie ranking
• Personal goals have to happen now

Pretty wild to see how the tech in racing has changed.