Daily Bullets (Oct. 5): Guessing OSU’s First Loss, A Blooming Cowboy Offense

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OSU Bullets

Predicting OSU’s first loss – hint: not this week against the Red Raiders

Football updates – tracking the eligibility of true freshman and noting the two freshman who are sure to play, Jaden Bray status update

• The OSU offense is starting to bloom around Spencer Sanders from two different angles:

Two key position groups were a big help to Spencer Sanders in Waco — an offensive line that fought the Bears’ vaunted defensive front to a draw or better, and a receiving corps that got consistency from Brennan Presley and big moments from Braydon Johnson and Bryson Green.


• A couple of different websites (HCS and CBS Sports) have the Pokes beating Texas Tech on Saturday

• Super solid uni combos to this point in the season.

• It’s true – this kind of measured and unbiased take from a national media member is solid. Starts at 19 minutes til 23 minutes

Non-OSU Bullets

Framing Aaron Judge’s season after he hit No. 62 last night
• A clearly faith-based take on fathering young men