Daily Bullets (Oct. 8): A Fun Weekend in Cowboy Country

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Thanks to an OSU win on Friday, Cowboy fans got a Saturday off to enjoy college football for once. But there was still plenty of content reacting to the K-State upset.

OSU Bullets

• Marshall loaded up his Notebook with thoughts from the morning after. [PFB]

• OSU’s offense had fun and then points followed, writes Jacob Unruh. [The Oklahoman]

• A look from the other side. Five Takeaways on the K-State loss. [Kansas City Star]

• Dekota handed out report cards for the win. This week the Cowboys all got passing grades. [PFB]

• I wrote about Five Things We Learned from the win. [PFB]

• On the offensive line’s improvement and the road it paved for OSU’s top rushing game. [Tulsa World]

Non-OSU Bullets

• And in case you needed another dose of Sci-Fi nightmare fodder, scientists can create tongues that allow robots to taste. [Popular Science]

• Proof that the internet is getting worse. [The Atlantic]

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