Daily Bullets (Sept. 10): Cross Arizona State’s Goal and Sing “Oklahoma State”

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Three Thoughts

• The proportions of how much we look forward to football and how long it lasts in the calendar year are so out of whack – here’s all you need to know about one of the Cowboys’ six remaining home games:

• You could really say that the 2002 Cowboy Football Team being honored tonight was the one that turned the tide for the Pokes – numerous monumental steps in the right direction by that squad

• The counterargument is this – all of those points that made it close were in garbage time

Sure, Oklahoma State allowed 44 points to Central Michigan last week but the Cowboys had a 51-15 lead at one point in that game. I was expecting a drop-off from the Oklahoma State defense, but I don’t think giving up all of those garbage time points really means a whole lot. In fact, it could be a bit of a wake-up call entering Week 2.

[Yahoo Sports]

Two Quotes

• Was it startling for you to watch linebackers miss tackles last week? This quote nails the promise of the 2022 season compared to 2021:

If the 2021 Cowboys had Malcolm Rodriguez’s imprint, this year’s Pokes belong to (Spencer) Sanders, a quarterback expected to matter most in big games like Saturday night’s.


• This forecast may be stale this morning but this sounds like incredible football weather for tonight:

One Question

• Borrowing this from a friend – what would be more surprising tonight: if OSU won by 17 or lost?

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