Daily Bullets (Sept. 2): We’ll Cross Central Arkansas’ Goal And Then We’ll Sing Oklahoma State

Previewing today’s season opener and predicting the winner – Go Pokes.

Three Thoughts

This feels to be the right sentiment – based on past performance, Oklahoma State Football will be just fine in 2023 (HCS)

How Mike Gundy overcomes inertia – by not changing a thing (Sellout Crowd)

Bill Haisten has the Pokes very reasonably accomplishing eight wins – and here’s why per his sources:

From sources I really trust, there have been positive reports since the start of preseason camp. I’m told that this Oklahoma State team overall is better than expected and that the Bryan Nardo-coordinated defense is a lot better than expected.


One Quote

• Not OSU sports-related but this story about a girl with special needs getting to go through sorority rush at OSU was amazing, just ruined this guy.

“Running to the house to see the person carry my sign with my name on it and giving her a hug was one of the biggest memories,” Gretchen said.


One Question

• Have you read OKC Dave’s OSU fan survey? We’re a reasonable bunch projecting 7.8 wins.

Non-OSU Bullets

Discussions on CFP format are delayed until realignment is done
• We don’t need a new Twitter

Like this sentiment on friendships:

It’s easy to gravitate toward the idea of having lots of friends, but you’ll probably benefit more from strengthening your “inner circle” friendships than from simply gaining more friends.

Who belongs in your inner circle? Can you reach out to one of them right now?

James Clear