Hot Links: Bedlam is here, whether OU is ready or not

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia
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The Sooners, following a disappointing outcome in Morgantown, come home to face off against Spencer Sanders and the Pokes.

What’s good?

The Sooners are hosting the Cowboys today. How wild. College football season is almost over.

Let’s address something that I have always found silly — The “this isn’t a rivalry” thing.

Here is how I choose to address it — I talk to former Sooners all the time. Almost daily for my job. I think fans need to know this. That locker room? They, without a doubt, think this is a rivalry. That coaching staff? Without a doubt will tell you it impacts in-state recruiting. It doesn’t matter if you like this game, and the records don’t matter (and other clichés). Everyone on the field very much cares. So if you choose not to, that’s on you.

Also, we only have three left including this one. If Oklahoma State wins three of the last four, or all four … well, you get it. That matters, especially if it is 10 to 15 years like we expect before these teams play again.

Trash talk is king. Facts are facts. You don’t want to hear from OSU fans for over a decade that OU sucked for the last few Bedlams, regardless of the overall record staying lopsided.

OU Links

  • How will Okahoma prepare to slow down Spencer Sanders? That’s the No. 1 question going into Saturday. I admit, my initial reaction to Sanders removing his Clark Kent glasses and putting the cape around his neck against Iowa State was “oh no, Oklahoma isn’t going to have a chance”. Now, Sanders led two scoring drives to win that game against the Cyclones, but by no means was the offense setting the field ablaze. Hoover talks about attacking Sanders.
  • Crimson and Cream collective is up and running. I admit, I hate talking about this stuff. Mostly because it’s impossible to actually know what you are talking about. Trust me, I have asked people who know and almost to a man get different answers based off the day of the week. Regardless, this happened this week and looks to be catching some steam.

  • Explosive offense has disappeared. Only 14 passes of over 20 yards in conference playing is ringing loudly as Oklahoma is forced to rely on Eric Gray’s legs on a week-to-week basis for the pop on offense.
  • Gray’s time in Norman has been interesting. Last year, disappointing and underwhelming. This past offseason, speculation of his job being taken by younger unproven players. Today, being the best and most consistent part of this Oklahoma offense. Eric Gray is setting himself up for a big Senior Day.
  • Oklahoma has made a coaching hire on the basketball staff. Generally in-season hires don’t happen but special times call for desperate measures. Here is Bob P on Doc Sandler joining Porter.
  • Speaking of basketball, Jacob Groves saved OU from another upset loss last evening.

  • This Danny Stutsman quote from Brent was an interesting one. I think maybe the truth here might be somewhere in the middle. Stutsman is a first year starter and true sophomore. However, his inconsistency has killed Oklahoma at times. However, he never gets to come off the field. However… yada yada yada. All the context but this a fun quote about a fan favorite.

  • Brock Martin isn’t buying your “not a rivalry” talk. He is right. This game is really important for Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. I frankly always enjoy and appreciate whenever players and coaches acknowledge the stakes as opposed to the “its just another game” garbage we all know isn’t true.

  • Tramel dives into the story that set this season off on the spiral it’s been on all year. Cale Gundy said something he should never have said. Even in jest, quoting off an IPad, or whatever else we want to add as context. Berry Tramel talks to Gundy on what this strange season has been for him and whats next.
  • OU recruiting is setting up for a big weekend. If you have David Hicks hope it lands tomorrow at Bedlam. Here are the big fish expected to be in attendance on Saturday, including David Hicks.

  • Honestly, I don’t know how much a story interests fans. Most seem to be interested in game break downs, rankings, and reactions. Which, I totally understand and enjoy myself on a Sunday when my favorite team gets done. However, this article by Eric Bailey might be my favorite story I have read this year. Phil Owens, the living legend.
  • Women’s basketball off to a good start to the season, but a bad performance at Utah. When you play fast and as aggressive as the women do, this is going to happen. I am okay with it and still love watching a team who wants to demolish everyone by a million play.

Anything else going on?

  • Well this happened this week. I think Gabe puts it best here.

  • Things seem to be getting complicated

Talk to you knuckleheads tomorrow