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Oklahoma Spring Game
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Sooners land two big recruits heading into game week.

What is good?

Two big things:

  1. OU’s depth chart was released today. If you want to read my quick thoughts, here’s a tweet below. What do you think? Leave them in the comments.

2. Man, have yourself a Friday though, huh? I mean, goodness. The Oklahoma Sooners are a red-hot (crimson and cream) machine that can not be stopped. Sooners land themselves two big time commitments on Friday, each with an interesting story on how the Sooner’s landed at the top of their list.

Let’s start with the one we saw coming. Sooner Nation, meet Makari Vickers all the way from Tallahassee, Florida. Vickers is a 6’2” corner who uses his sized and length well. He’s a four-star prospect and sits within the top 100 of the 247Composite, and those numbers even seem to undersell just how much Vickers was in demand. Who did Jay Valai beat to land Vickers? None other than the Death Star itself, Alabama.

Beating Alabama is no small victory, but when you add in the fact that this is a guy who Alabama has chased hard over the past few months, you start to see how good of a win this was for OU and crew. As I mentioned though, this story is special for OU’s process. and Josh McCuistion spoke recently on a podcast about how much of a priority that he was for the Sooners. Pouring resources into this recruitment and putting their stamp that there was no way they were going to allow Vickers to play anywhere else next fall.

It’s a major win for defense, but to win in college football, you’ve gotta win on both sides and Jeff Lebby is carrying his weight.

Sooner Nation, in a surprise Friday afternoon, Lebby and new WR coach L’Damian Washington landed a major shock to the system, as four-star track star WR Anthony Evans announced his commitment to OU.

Everyone on their bingo cards had the Georgia Bulldogs for the Converse, Texas speedster. The Sooners had been in the race weeks ago, but with the exit of former WR coach Cale Gundy, the Sooners were largely thought to be out of the running. I have no idea what the late and great sales pitch was from Lebby and Washington, but I would write that magic script down. The late “flip” was nothing anyone saw coming and makes OU feel like a recruiting juggernaut. Seriously, in the past few months, who have they truly lost out on? What recruiting battle have they come up second in since June? Everyone is picking BV as their dancing partner.

A red-hot July is being followed up by a smoking August.

I said it on The Franchise this week — I don’t know if Brent Venables is going to be a good coach, but this is one of the greatest coaching staff offseasons one can expect from a first-year HC.

Oh, by the way, it’s game week.


OU Links

  • I know that heading into UTEP sometimes it feels like these players have been around for month. We have already become so accustomed to their names and faces, but when we come down to it… we don’t know a ton about Dillon Gabriel and he might be here for 3 years. Mason Young of the OU daily did a nice profile on him this weekend.
  • If you would’ve asked me three weeks ago “Oh high and mighty Chisholm, he who knows all story lines. What is the thing about this team that makes you most curious?” I could’ve come up with a long list. Key, Billy, Kanak. Heck, defensive end is a vast wasteland of mystery. Now? Its gotta be DaShaun White. Nothing gets my juices flowing like a late position switch. My friend Bob Przybylo (or as we call him Bobby Queso) put together a great write up here about the change.
  • National media national media national media! I have heard this ALL offseason, that no one believes in OU… well. As I have said for months, yes there are national media people who don’t like OU but are those the people you want on your side? (cough) Stu…. but if you look at the smart media members they are on the OU rebound. Add one more to the list, David Pollack.

  • Oklahoma has more alumni that I can keep track of in the NFL now, feels like these names keep piling up. A few of them went head to head this weekend in their teams last preseason game. Bonitto, DTY, and Asamoah swapped jerseys to honor the event. Thats not all they did though…

  • Mayfield obviously has been named the starter for Carolina and its pretty clear why. I get the frustration of his performance last year but it is becoming more and more clear that shoulder injury played such a large role. Good to see Baker being Baker again.

  • The NFL top 100 has come to a close. As mentioned before, this whole list has been reported to be kind of a joke. The players don’t take it too seriously but we have a Sooner inside the top 15. Our guy Trent Williams finishes at #14. See? totally a sham. Too low.
  • OU Volleyball cruises to their best starting since 2018. 3-0 and moving.

Is anything else going on?

  • OU has a massive game coming up in Lincoln in a few weeks. Nebraska took the field this weekend against Northwestern… Alright I can’t be professional any more. Those 21 words are the most serious I am going to be on this game on this post. WHAT A CLOWN SHOW. If you didn’t see the stat making the rounds.. If Scott Frost won his next 50 consecutive games he would STILL have a worst record than Bo Pelini. Nebraska and Scott Frost by themselves are two things that I like. Frost was AWESOME at UCF. Nebraska one of the greatest school in college football history. Together? It’s like ketchup and eggs. It just don’t work. THIS play though? This play is the apex. I can’t stop watching it. It is like a car crash, a Brad Pitt movie, and the 2017 Eagles Super Bowl run (your welcome) all mashed into one moment. I can’t advert my eyes. It is TOO good. Man, I am glad football is back. Go Wildcats.

Am I allowed to post other stuff? Ya know what, ask forgiveness not permission.

  • I made a GOT incest joke last week and low and behold our crew almost went down that road this week on House of Dragon. BUT THEY DIDN’T (yet). What a major win for my morality of watching these shows. I hope you are keeping up because this show has some juice. I admittedly am a tough TV critic and generally am underwhelmed by shows and this shows by no mean is ‘must see TV’… but can I be honest? TV has kind of sucked lately. This show is fine, heck maybe even good. That is so much better than everything else going on that it somehow has become the worst must see TV show of recent memory. Maybe I should just rewatch Arrested Development for the 25th time.

Talk to you on Friday, knuckleheads!