Mike Gundy Addresses Cale Gundy’s Resignation, Brothers ‘Haven’t Talked’ about Cale Joining OSU’s Staff

Mike Gundy on Saturday addressed Cale Gundy’s recent resignation from Oklahoma following the use of inappropriate language, quipping with reporters that the whole episode with his younger brother will one day be great content to relive but choosing not to delve deep into the situation.

“It gave me enough information for a good chapter in my book whenever I retire,” said Gundy.

Cale’s life work, more or less, has been at the University of Oklahoma, where he first played in college in the early 1990s. He then returned as a staffer in 1999 (following a brief GA stint in 1994) and had been with the Sooners since.

That experience at such a prolific program, and Cale’s successes as both a coach and recruiter, naturally has led to some curiosity about where he may land next — and whether his brother could offer him a soft landing spot. That hasn’t been discussed, however, according to the elder Gundy.

“We hadn’t even talked about that,” said Mike Gundy.

Given how Cale’s time at OU came to an end, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him perhaps take some time off to recharge and maybe rehab some of his image.

Good coaches are hard to come by, though, so even one roiled in controversy may not be on the open market too long. It just doesn’t sound like OSU — at least right now — is interested.

“He’s got several other options right now that he’s looking at,” added Gundy. “I haven’t talked to him about that.”