Mike Gundy Takes Hilarious Shots at Brian Bosworth, Jamelle Holieway Ahead of Bedlam

The famous never-ending feud between Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State legend, and Brian Bosworth, Oklahoma legend, took yet another fun turn Monday as Gundy in his weekly presser took a not-so-subtle jab at The Boz’s, ahem, nutritional intake while he was at Oklahoma as the star linebacker of the Sooners.

“I was a little scared of Boz. Boz scared me a little bit,” said Gundy, responding to a question from Guerin Emig about his recollection of his first Bedlam in 1986. “Boz was on a different type of artificial nutrition than I was. Period.”


Mike Gundy did not hold back on his thoughts about The Boz from 1986, when he first played against OU. #bedlam #bedlamfootball #theboz #mikegundy #gopokes #sooners

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Gundy said that the game, in 1986, which was during his freshman year, was also the game The Boz apparently put Gundy’s name on his shoes. Years later, Gundy said it was likely because, Gundy assumed, he was getting a lot of love in the press and The Boz might’ve been a little peanut butter and jealous about it.

“I saw Boz when I visited OU in January of 1986 when they took me out to whatever night club or wherever we went, and he was there,” Gundy continued. “It was cold. I probably had whatever sweater, coat I could have. I remember being in that facility or that party, and he had a tanktop on. I was a little concerned about it when I played him based on the artificial nutrition he had going on that I didn’t have. But once the game started it didn’t make a difference to me. If we were going to have a fight, we were going to have a fight.”



1986 was also the year, as Gundy claims, that The Boz actually spit in his face during an in-game (literal) spat. Here’s Gundy on that incident from a few years back:

Well, I think he was getting a little bit jealous of me. I was getting a little publicity—I was a true freshman quarterback, and people were starting to like me. Bosworth was a marketing genius, and he had all the pub. He had written my name on his shoes and was talking some trash — but that’s what he did, that was his persona — so he and I were jawing at each other a little bit, and I think he was at a loss for words. I think all he had left was spit.

No words. I’m not sure I can add anything beyond that. Gundy was on one Monday at his presser. Completely unfiltered. A+ version of Gundy. If you have 30 minutes this week just go watch it. Skip your favorite podcast once this week and watch. Here was an another shot at OU that took place moments later, when talking about why he ultimately flipped from OU to OSU as a QB recruit. Without naming names (cough cough JAMELE HOLIEWAY), Gundy sideswiped another OU legend in the process of his weekly presser.

“OU had just won a national championship with one of the best option quarterbacks to ever play college football, and he was a true freshman,” said Gundy. “And he was getting all kinds of fur coats, cars and stuff, so I didn’t see where I fit in. He was on that NIL plan.”