Northwest Notes: Barton, Green, Robinson-Earl, Muscala, Brown

Bobby Marks broke down two of the Nuggets’ contracts in a recent Instagram video, clarifying that Will Barton is on a descending two years deal, with $30MM fully guaranteed. He’ll receive $15.6MM in year one and $14.37MM in year two. Keith Smith of Spotrac adds that Barton’s deal includes $1MM in unlikely bonuses in each of the two years.

Marks also clarified Nuggets’ forward Jeff Green‘s new contract. It will be for two years, $9MM, with $1MM in bonuses. Green will have a player option in year two, as had been previously reported. Marks continues to say Green had been labeled as a minimum contract candidate coming into the off-season, so this contract represents a big win for him and his agent.

We have more news from around the Northwest Division:

  • While the general terms of the Thunder’s 32nd pick Jeremiah Robinson-Earl have been previously reported, Keith Smith provides a breakdown of the exact amount of Robinson-Earl’s four-year deal. The ex-Villanova Wildcat will receive two years at $2MM, fully guaranteed, followed by $1.9MM non-guaranteed in year three, and a non-guaranteed team option of $1.98MM in year four. OKC signed Robinson-Earl using part of their Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception.
  • Michael Scotto of HoopsHype confirms via tweet that Mike Muscala‘s contract with the Thunder is for two years, $7MM, and adds that the second year is a team option. This will be the third straight season in OKC for the 30-year-old center
  • Scotto also clarifies the terms of Greg Brown III’s deal with the Trail Blazers. The 43rd pick, whom the Blazers traded a 2026 second-round pick and cash considerations for, will receive a three-year, $4.3MM deal, with the first two years fully guaranteed. The final year of the contract will be non-guaranteed.