Oklahoma State Finishes in Top 25 in the Learfield Director’s Cup for Third Straight Year

The 2022-23 school year felt like a down one for Oklahoma State Athletics, but that might just go to show how much the standard has raised over the past few decades.

Oklahoma State finished 25th in the Learfield Director’s Cup standings, the school’s third consecutive year in the Top 25. The Learfield Director’s Cup takes all sports into account with all sports being weighed equally. OSU was 18th in 2020-21 and 23rd in 2021-22.

The big contributions this year came by way of Dave Smith’s athletes. OSU’s men’s cross country team finished second nationally, the women’s cross country team finished fourth, and men’s track and field finished sixth. Kenny Gajewski’s Cowgirl softball team also had a Top 10 finish, finishing fifth. OSU also plays this game at a bit of a disadvantage with equestrian not counting as it isn’t an NCAA-sanctioned sport.

OSU finished third among Big 12 schools behind Texas (No. 2 nationally) and Oklahoma (No. 23 nationally). TCU, the fourth-best Big 12 school, finished 34th.

Here is the full Top 25:

1. Stanford
2. Texas
3. Ohio State
4. Virginia
5. Florida
6. Tennessee
7. Georgia
8. North Carolina
9. LSU
10. USC
11. Michigan
12. Alabama
13. Arkansas
14. UCLA
15. Penn State
16. Duke
17. Florida State
18. Kentucky
19. NC State
20. Notre Dame
21. Washington
22. Cal
23. Oklahoma
24. Texas A&M
25. Oklahoma State