Oklahoma State Reportedly Reaches Out to Baylor Transfer LJ Cryer, Who Is Seeking Time at Point Guard

Oklahoma State offered LJ Cryer as a four-star prospect in the 2020 recruiting class before the guard from Katy, Texas chose to go to Baylor.

Well, Cryer entered the transfer portal this week, and now the Cowboys might have another shot at him. Oklahoma State was on a long list of schools Cryer has heard from, according to 247Sports’ Brandon Jenkins. That list also includes Kansas, Arkansas, Houston, Kansas State, LSU and others.

Cryer averaged 15 points, 2.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists this past season with the Bears while shooting 42% from 3. He shot an even more ridiculous 47% from 3 last season. But as the 6-foot-1 Cryer puts eyes toward the future, he told 247Sports he wants to be on the ball more moving forward.

“I do not want to play point guard full time, but while I was in Waco I was not able to play point guard at all,” Cryer told 247Sports. “I am looking to see what school will let me play some time at point guard. I realize I am lethal off the ball and I do not want to take that out of my game because I know it is one of my strengths that can help a team win. I know to get to that next level, I will have to be able to showcase what I can do on the ball.”

Oklahoma State is after playmaking and 3-point shooting this transfer cycle, which makes Cryer an intriguing prospect. His 3-point prowess is a known thing, but his playmaking is a bit of a question mark because he played off the ball so much with the Bears. In three seasons, Cryer tallied 111 assists to 91 turnovers. For reference, Avery Anderson — who primarily played on the ball in Stillwater — had 239 assists and 278 turnovers in four seasons, a much bigger sample size.

Still, if Cryer is just looking for some part-time point guard duties, OSU could be a good fit. The Cowboys were somewhat forced to give a lot of guys ball-handling duties this past season after Anderson’s wrist injury. And Cryer’s 3-point shooting ability is just what the Pokes are looking for.

So, add him to the list that the Cowboys have reportedly reached out to this portal cycle.

Name Old School Height PPG RPG APG 3P%
Joel Brown Cal 6-2 6.9 3.3 3.2 24%
Jamison Battle Minnesota 6-7 12.4 3.8 1.7 31%
Josh Nickelberry La Salle 6-4 10.9 2.7 0.7 40%
Paxson Wojcik Brown 6-4 14.9 7.2 3.2 38%
John Tonje Colorado State 6-5 14.6 4.7 1.3 39%
Ike Cornish Maryland 6-6 1.4 0.3 0.0 19%
Trey Tennyson A&M-Corpus Christi 6-4 15.7 2.3 1.2 40%
Javon Small East Carolina 6-2 15.8 4.8 5.6 33%
Denver Jones FIU 6-4 20.1 3.8 2.0 37%
DJ Horne Arizona State 6-1 12.5 3.4 2.4 36%
Kel’el Ware Oregon 7-0 6.6 4.1 0.5 27%
Mustapha Amzil Dayton 6-10 9.3 4.8 1.7 37%
Tamar Bates Indiana 6-5 6.1 1.6 1.1 37%
AJ Storr St. John’s 6-6 8.8 1.9 0.8 40%
Jalen Cook Tulane 6-0 19.9 2.9 4.9 35%
Dalton Knecht Northern Colorado 6-6 20.2 7.2 1.8 38%
Tylor Perry North Texas 5-11 17.3 3.4 2.1 41%
LJ Cryer Baylor 6-1 15.0 2.1 2.1 42%