PFB Picks: Predictions for Oklahoma State’s Week 6 Matchup against Kansas State

Marshall Scott

Score: Kansas State 34, Oklahoma State 17

Game MVP: Will Howard

Uniform: Black (Cursive)-Black-Black

Thoughts: Well, I’m predicting this game to be 31 points closer than last season’s game. The Cowboys are going through it right now, and though K-State did stumble against Missouri, the Wildcats are averaging nearly 40 points a game. OSU hasn’t eclipsed 30 in a game in nearly a calendar year.

With DJ Giddens running for 207 yards and four touchdowns against UCF, I think the Cowboys will make a concerted effort to try to stop him. So, Will Howard should have some openings — the same Will Howard who threw four touchdowns against the Cowboys last season.

Kyle Cox

Score: Kansas State 41, Oklahoma State 31

Game MVP: Will Howard

Uniform: Black (Brand)-Black-Black

Thoughts: There is a part of me that was going to pick the Cowboys to win, based on just how much of a hole this will put them in if they lose, but the Wildcats are scoring too many points to predict an upset.

Will Howard is coming off maybe his worst game this season and has been banged up since Week 2, but he also got a week off and should be ready to bounce back. I think the Cowboys finally break the 27-point ceiling, but the Cats are just too much to handle.

Dekota Gregory

Score: Kansas State 41, Oklahoma State 24

Game MVP: DJ Giddens

Uniform: Black (Pete) – Black – Orange

Thoughts: Despite having two losses already, this is the first time this season I’ve actually predicted OSU to take the L. The amount of apparent non-major issues we saw the first four weeks couldn’t have been fixed over the bye week, even with the same guy playing quarterback. K-State is the better team, and that’s basically all it comes down to.

I get Marshall’s reasoning that the Cowboys will zone in on stopping Giddens, but I don’t think it matters. K-State will take control of the game early, wear OSU down and feed Giddens.

I feel like Rachel Dratch’s Debbie Downer character from Saturday Night Live and every prediction should be followed by the image of her staring into the camera with her mouth swayed to the side. That’s where we’re at, though, but on a bright side, we should see black jerseys for the first time in 2023.

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