Pictures of Barry Sanders’ Statue Surface Online

Barry Sanders will on Saturday have a statue of himself erected outside of Boone Pickens Stadium, becoming the fourth figure in OSU history to claim such an honor. But the unveiling ceremony on Saturday lost a little of its bronze luster on Friday after photos of the statue surfaced online as it was en route to its destination.

The nine-foot statue was spotted around town as it was being transported to Stillwater via Enid in the back of a truck, where the sculptor produced the piece of art. The great Brodie Myers posted a photo of it on Twitter, followed shortly by none other than Eddie Radosevich, who was quick to point out that the two biggest schools in the state have a knack for casually hauling these things around. Rado’s photo can be seen from a Braum’s parking lot, which is 100% Oklahoma!

You can’t get a completely clear picture of the statue but you get a pretty good idea of what it will look like from Eddie’s angle. It’s clearly made in the mold of the GOAT toting the rock and giving the Heisman stiff-arm, and it is glorious. Should look great outside BPS.

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