SALE: Get 25% of a PFB+ Subscription

A new school year is upon us, and the college football season is less than two weeks away. That’s reason to celebrate.

To ring in the momentous occasion, we’re running a sale on our PFB+ subscriptions this week where you can get 25% off a yearly subscription for the low price of only $60. That’s $20 off our normal price!

So what do you get with PFB+ subscription? More OSU content than anywhere on Earth for cheaper than anywhere else. That experience includes ad-free browsing, access to our premium forums where we drop all our juicy nuggets on recruiting, football and basketball, and discounts to merch (among other perks). So just click right here and take advantage while we’re still running our sale.

Thank you for supporting, reading, listening and interacting with PFB.

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